Women Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh: a Case Study on Boutique Business

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Factors of production Pages: 39 (10725 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Chapter: 1

1.1 Introduction:
Entrepreneurs are arguably the most important actors in our economy: the creators of new wealth and new jobs, the inventors of new products and services, and the revolutionizes of society and the economy. Yet despite their centrality, little is known about entrepreneurs: what motivates them, how they emerge, why they succeed. We know even less about who becomes an entrepreneur, and why. Women are one particularly understudied group of entrepreneurs. We know very little about female entrepreneurs, and our ignorance of this important demographic is a serious blind spot in any effort to increase the total number of entrepreneurs participating in our economy. Women’s entrepreneurship has been recognized during the last decade as an important untapped source of economic growth. A woman entrepreneur is defined as a woman who has alone or with one or more partners, started, bought, or inherited a business, is assuming the related financial, administrative, and social risks and responsibilities, and is participating in the firm’s day-to-day management. Such women are also known as women business owners or women entrepreneurs or self-employed women. Without a meaningful and active participation of women, half of the total population, in regular economic activities, a dynamic and sustainable economy is impossible. Sectors like boutique are really doing a lucrative job for women entrepreneurs. Many women’s are engaged with this business and get success and make their own identity as a successful entrepreneur.

1.2 Problem definition:
In Bangladesh there is little research about women entrepreneurship. What are the motives, inspirations and prospects of women entrepreneurship is not defined clearly. The characteristics of the women entrepreneurship are not discovered fully. These factors are important to formulate and implement policy for development of women entrepreneurship. In Boutique industry there is a considerable presence of women entrepreneurs. In this paper it will be tried to find out motives, characteristics and problems and prospects of women entrepreneurs in Boutique industry. It will help us to identify the reason of participation of women entrepreneurs in this sector which will help to develop women entrepreneurship in other industries.

1.3 Research Question:
There are several research questions, which must be answered to fulfill the purpose of this research: * What is the present scenario of the women entrepreneurs in Boutique business? * What are the motives to start a business?

* What are the success factors of the women entrepreneurs? * How much women entrepreneurs know about the government policy? * Is there any help from the government policy of women entrepreneurship development? * What are the different problems faced by the women entrepreneurs?

1.4 Objectives of the Study:
The main objective of this study is to fulfill the academic requirement as well as to gather practical and theoretical knowledge about the potential of business expansion of Women Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh especially in Dhaka & Chittagong & metropolitan city in the field of boutique business, its socio – economic impact, prospect, future outlook and also to identify problems and suggest guidelines. Following are the specific objectives of the study:

* To know present scenario of women entrepreneurship in Bangladesh;

* To evaluate the nature of women entrepreneurship

* To know about the difficulties to start up a business;

* To know about difficulties which are faced by the women entrepreneur to sanction bank loan;

* To collect information about women empowering in Bangladesh;

* To compare between male and female entrepreneurs in Bangladesh;

* To compare between female entrepreneurs of our country to female entrepreneurs of developed countries; * To know how the women entrepreneurs are conscious about...
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