Tnt Uk Macro & Micro Analysis
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TNT Express UK
TNT focuses on express delivery services of documents, parcels and freight securely between businesses, using land and/or air transportation.
Starting from humble beginnings in Australia in 1946 with just a single truck, TNT has grown into a truly global company and serves customers in over 200 countries, employing 83,235 people around the world. As of 31st December 2010, TNT Express posted Euro 7.053 Billion in total revenue with an operating income of Euro 180 Million.
TNT Express UK delivers 3.5 million items every week around the world and is listed among Britain’s Top Employers. It is also known to provide first-class working conditions and care of its employees.
TNT Express UK commits to staff development in many ways. To enable long term careers, employees are offered not only flexibility in furthering their education but can also opt for an in-house apprenticeship programme, providing experience and relevant qualifications in vehicle maintenance. This, amongst other reasons has resulted in promoting 70% of its managers from within the organisation. In fact, their recently retired Managing Director started out as a driver!
For this Marketing Management and Strategy assignment, we will focus on TNT Express in the Geographical region of the United Kingdom and make studies into TNT Express UK’s Macro and Micro Analysis, thus resulting in a SWOT Framework Analysis.
Macro Analysis
Although UK did not adopt the Euro, UK is one of the earlier members of the European Union. This democratic and free market mentality allows trading and cargo movement within the European Union thus resulting in a huge market for TNT with their express delivery service. Economic
The economic stability of UK is ranked 16 out of almost 200 countries in a 2011 Index of Economic Freedom by The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal.

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