Titan Watches

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Titan Watches for Men

Titan has been in business since long and has manufactured over 100 million watches. The company has now more than 0 million customers which is increasing every second. The year 2001 was a landmark in the company’s journey when a survey conducted by Brand Equity rated Titan as the Most Admired Brand in India. This was perhaps a fitting tribute to the Indian man and the Indian watch industry, as it revolutionized the watch market and brought forth new benchmarks in design and style.

Quality and watch retailing in India had a new definition now. Titan watches became a brand to reckon with. Present day Titan collection has a leading share in the domestic market. Titan watches for men are more popular because of the fact that men started wearing watches much before women.

Titan Edge is the prime ad premium collection meant supremely for men. This collection uses a unique technology thus producing slimmest watches in the world measuring 1.5mm. There are about 13 variants of this variety available with 8 models in stainless steel and 5 in the plated category. Titan edge watches are extremely unique and suit perfectly to the male Indian personality.

Titan Fastrack watches are another pre dominant collection in men’s category. This category came into being in 1998 and since then has become immensely popular among the young and the old. Titan has exhibited innovation with element of style thereby popularizing the brand so much that Fastrack became a single brand in itself.

The Titan Sonata and the Titan Steel are other popular brands of Titan watches for men. Titan Sonata comprises of analogue as well as digital models. The metal strapped Sonata claimed marked success among the working class people. There are models available in plastic as well. The Titan steel brand claims popularity among the stylish and the elite however.

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