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 You will have two to four reading comprehension passages, with a total of six to ten questions. Reading comprehension questions generally don't appear until about questions eight to twelve.  GRE reading comprehension is unlike any other reading you do. Therefore, you should not approach it in the way you approach other reading.  ETS passages are poorly written, but not on purpose. Don't look for hidden meanings in the grammatical and stylistic errors.  Forget about "comprehension." On the GRE, you read for one reason only: to earn points. If you can accept this fact, you'll be far, far ahead. Don't even try to read the whole passage, just get an idea what each paragraph is about and what the main idea of the whole passage is. Don't get bogged down in useless details that may not even be considered in the questions.  Outline the passage: Read the first sentence and last sentence of each paragraph. On your scrap paper, jot down a few notes for each paragraph, then write down the main idea. This is what we call outlining. Be sure to number the paragraphs in your notes. For example: "1st paragraph: greenhouse gases and greenhouse effect introduced" "2nd paragraph: greenhouse gases affected by humans, and CFC/ozone example" "3rd paragraph: 2 possible results of greenhouse effect"  When you skim and summarize a passage, you should look for the big themes and main ideas and skim over the details. You shouldn't "speed read." That is, you should slow down for the important stuff and speed up for the details.  There are two types of GRE reading passages: science and nonscience.  Science passages may deal with either the "hard facts" of some particular science or with a "soft" topic, such as the history of science.  Nonscience passages will deal with either a topic related to the humanities or a topic related to the social sciences.  Use common sense. You won't find a passage arguing that literature is stupid, or that...
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