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Political Correctness

Political correctness Political correctness this idea concerns the "proper" names of races, genders, nationalities, and professions. That means that words which used to be common have been changed in an effort to please everyone and offend no one. For example, garbage men (excuse me, not "men," collectors) are sanitation engineers, and some women would prefer to spell the name of their gender as "womyn." I see this political correctness crusade as a power struggle between radicals who...

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Political Correctness

Political Correctness; Limiting our Freedom Hello, my name is Ellen and I am aesthetically challenged. The inquiry of political correctness has been an extremely controversial topic in cultural circles for approximately 2 decades. Political correctness is the averting of words, phrases, or actions that could be offensive to certain groups of people who are discriminated against. Many people find “PCE” to be beneficial, in that it prevents insults and hurt feelings, but some find PCE as “baby-ing”...

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Political Correctness in the Classroom

Political Correctness In The Classroom Schools in Canada have recently become the battleground for the fight over how much political correctness should be allowed to infiltrate grade school classrooms. One can take two sides when dealing with such issues as violent toys, "good clean fun", the benefits and disadvantages of political correctness. There is much controversy about violent toys which are far from being considered politically correct. The toys that enter many grade school classrooms...

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Political Correctness Argument Analysis

I know the issue of political correctness is using language that is nondiscriminatory so that we are not offending a group within our society. I understand to be politically correct means to avoid language that someone could find offensive. Before reading the assigned articles, my opinion on being political correct is that it is essential. We should take consideration when we say something. It is no longer ‘man’s society,’ women are just as equal. In some cases, the opposition is from men being too...

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Analysis Of Marx-Political Correctness

Marx-Political Correctness-Zizek (Dialectic over a cup of coffee) Marx: I think our black friend was right, this coffee is in no way helping me stimulate my senses. Zizek: Yes, because its colour is lighter than him! Maybe you should try something else. Marx: That joke is still funny even though it's racist, but I admire the fact about how you're being “politically incorrect”. Zizek: I don't like that phenomenon at all. Marx: I've been reading about it a lot a nowadays, it was recently in the news...

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Nick Adams Political Correctness Is Destroying America

In the article, “Political correctness is destroying America. That’s why I am on a mission to crush it,” Nick Adams discusses the negative effects of political correctness on American culture. He writes that political correctness has taken hold of America’s universities, schools, media, and large corporations. Adams believes that political correctness threatens the American Dream. Adams describes political correctness as threat to our safety, education, and religious freedom, as it can be linked...

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Political Correctness Has Gone Too Far

Political correctness has gone too far The "Politically Correct" movement's purpose is to bring historically condescending terms, offensive music and art, and controversial educational content to an end and replace them with more positive and less-offending references. Offensive and demoralizing efforts are wrong, but the censorship and deletion of words and phrases that do not contain the intention to demoralize are taking political correctness too far. Politically correct (or "PC") antics have...

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THE PROBLEM OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IN THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE In order to investigate the problem we made up a list of questions (see a questionnaire in Appendix) about using different vocabulary in sensitive topics.The results we got are as follows. 1. Nobody called physically disabled people ‘cripples’. A great number of adults (66%) call these people ‘invalids’ but the vast majority of schoolchildren (teenagers) chose the PC variant (physically disabled). 2. The vast majority of respondents...

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Where Is the Borderline?

Political Correctness (PC) is a term used to describe a phenomenon that had changed and is still changing our world. It entered the public lexicon in the late 1970s, but since the ‘90s when the notion became extremely popular, we all have to be careful about what we say, what we write and even what we think. According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, political correctness is an “ideology that espouses showing sensitivity, tolerance and respect for another’s race, gender, sexual preference, nationality...

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Politically Incorrect humour and satire

”I got a feeling about political correctness. I hate it. It causes us to lie silently instead of saying what we think” – Hal Halbrook, famous Hollywood Actor. We live in the times, when we have to watch almost every single word we say, in case not to offend anyone, especially some particular racial, ethnic or religious groups. What is even more restrictive banned is making laugh out of someone who could ever feel hurt by our jokes. This is a really brief definition of what we call nowadays...

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