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True learning is born out of experience and observation practical experience is one of the best types of leanings that one can remember throughout the life. After II semesters in learning theoretical aspects of administration and management, the day come to apply these incorporate world in content of modern industrial enterprise that has to go through its different terminal to achieve that corporate goals. The main object of practical training is to develop practical knowledge and experience and awareness about industrial environment and business practices in the student as a supplement to theoretical studies of administration and management in specific area like HRM. It increases the skill, ability and attitude of a student to perform specific job in industrial environment. Fortunately, I got golden opportunity to visit and complete my six week training at THE TIMES OF INDIA. Here, I got chance to see the functioning HRD departments and imbibe alot learning of the subjects THE TIMES OF INDIA is a wide Organization producing newspapers, the main productsincludeTimes of India, Economic Times, Radio Mirchi etc. It has developed in many fields.Today guess is a legend in the world of business and organisation at a home and abroad.



Through this acknowledgement, I express my sincere gratitude towards all those people who have helped me in the preparation of this project, which has been learning experience. I appreciate the co-operation by the management and staff of ‘THE TIMES OF INDIA’ for having given me -the opportunity to training in their office.

I would like to thanks the Head Of the Department Dr. A.Kumar , the faculty , the librarian and the administrative staff of Department of Business Administration, Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar, for their support.Finally, I express my sincere thanks to Mr.Ashok Solanki and Mr.Hemant Patel who guided me throughout the project and gave me Valuable suggestion and encouragement.



The first edition appears on November 3, 1838 known as "The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce”. Later to be known as “The Times of India “.The first edition appears on November3, 1838 known as "The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce". The issue is published twice a week. Dr. J.E. Brennan the first editor also Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce. Rs 30/- is the annual subscription.1846 The newspaper experiences proprietary changes and Dr. George Brit appointed editor.1850 Shareholders decide to increase the share capital and the paper converted into a daily 1855 Telegraph Services opens up in India shortly afterwards, the paper signs an agreement with Reuters for raising news coverage and lowering subscription rates. That old tie was renewed in 2006 with the pact between TIMESNOW & Reuters 1861 Editor Robert Knight amalgamates The Bombay Times, Bombay Standard and Bombay Telegraph & Courier to form 'The Times of India' and gives it a national character.1880 The Times of India Weekly edition launched .The Times of India weekly edition launched, to meet the need for a weekend paper. This later came to be known as the Illustrated Weekly of India in 1923.TheTimes of India Weekly edition launched.1890 Editor Henry Curwen buys TOI in partnership with Charles Kane. 1892 Following the death of Henry Curwen, T. Bennett becomes the editor and enters into a partnership with F.M. Coleman to form a joint stock company - Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.(BCCL). 1902 The paper moves in to its current office opposite CST. It started out at the Paris Bazar and then moved on to Church gate where things got so bad that editor Bennett had to complete his editorial elsewhere after the ceiling fan collapsed in his room. 1907 Editor Stanley Reed revolutionises news production by extending the deadline to midnight. Until then any news that came in after 5pm was held over for the next day. TOI's first...
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