Time Warner

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Time Warner Inc.

Part 1
Time Warner Inc. is one of the biggest media conglomerates in the world it is only behind Walt Disney and News Corporation. The main areas of activity are film making, publishing and TV broadcasting. Time Warner combines subsidiaries like Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, Turner Broadcasting, through the last the company runs on air popular channels CNN, TBC and TNT. Also paid channels HBO and Cinemax are ran by Time Warner. The company affects almost all areas of media business thereby covering a large part of the media market. All sort of media productions are being produced to satisfy customers of any age category, gender and interest, which lead to the expansion of the range in concernment of company’s products.

In order to have competitive advantage over the rivals, the company is improving service and the quality through their free movie channels, video based cable and new marketing to increase the number of customers, and also they attracted a big number of customers by their broadband and telephone services. To come to the point, Time Warner Cable launched its VoIP telephone service that included voice over IP (VoIP) communications, subscription-based and on-demand video services, and high-speed Internet access, launching this service critical differentiation from the competitors took place in the company, by that taking a large share of customers which used the services of traditional phone companies.

One of the brightest strategic examples that the company experienced is Internationalization, a couple years ago Time Warner entered the Asian market, China and India and had 2 different consequences. All attempts to develop its media resources in China were failed because of harsh censorship and too many restrictions, also the company faced with problem of piracy. Favorable environment in Indian market allowed the company to flourish. Their strong competitor Viacom Company has also entered the Indian market...
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