Comcast Business Analysis

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Comcast Business Analysis
Patricia Baskerville
January 30, 2012
Professor Samuel Cunningham

Comcast Business Analysis
Comcast is one of the largest video, broadband Internet, telephone, and cable service providers in the United States. The company is a member of the fortune 500 company as the largest and profitable companies. Comcast ranking number is 66 in the fortune 500 company and is in third place as the largest telecommunication company. In 2011, Comcast has grossed 37 million with a 9.6 profit increase compared to 2010. Before the company can decide to invest, it needs to develop a business analysis. The business analysis includes Comcast’s swot analysis, identity of the stakeholder’s wants and needs, and explanation of company fulfilling the stakeholder’s needs. Finally, the investment can decide whether to invest in the company or not. Furthermore, this article will have detail information about the company and its current operation.

Comcast Swot Analysis
A swot analysis is an analysis that evaluates a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Comcast internal analysis includes the strengths and weaknesses. Comcast’s strengths include its innovative culture, financial leverage, and technology. Comcast innovative culture helps to produce distinctive products and services. Innovative culture helps to meet the consumers’ needs and increase the company’s profits. Another strength Comcast has is financial leverage, which allows the company to employ the balance sheet information to expand its operations. A third strength Comcast incurred is superior technology because it allows the company to meet the needs of the customers in ways the competitor cannot imitate.

Another internal evaluation employed includes Comcast weaknesses. Comcast weaknesses include high debt burden and brand deterioration. Comcast high debt burden increases the risk of bankruptcy because them making poor business decisions. In addition, increasing risks can increase Comcast’s debt interest payments. Another weakness Comcast incurred is brand deterioration. Brand deterioration is Comcast not acquiring the opportunity to charge consumers the same prices as it competitor. The reason Comcast is cannot charge same prices as competitors because the brand is not valued by the consumers.

The final two evaluations in the swot analysis include both opportunities and threats. In the business sense, both opportunities, and threats reflect external evaluations. Comcast opportunities include new markets and services. Comcast entering into a new market will enable them to expand the business and differentiate its portfolio of products and services. New services enable Comcast to meet its consumers’ needs and wants more effectively. Comcast new services will expand the business and diversify its customer base. Furthermore, new markets, and services are beneficial to company because it increases their image and profits.

Finally, Comcast external threats include unstable costs and currencies. Comcast has to plan for situations, which costs can skyrocket. Cautious planning leads to delays in development, which can negatively affect Comcast. Comcast’s volatile currencies make investments difficult because cost and revenues change rapidly. Furthermore, the information gathered helped the mutual funds manager decision in investing, but need to evaluate the stakeholder’s needs and wants before finalizing the decision.

Comcast Stakeholders
Comcast has primarily three stakeholders who include customers, shareholders, and employees. The three stakeholders play an important role to the success of the company. The first stakeholder evaluated is the shareholders. The shareholders of Comcast have many needs and wants. First, Comcast’s shareholders need...

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