Time Management Skills

Topics: Management, Time management, 2008 albums Pages: 3 (1196 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Persuasive Speech:
Students Should Use Effective Time Management Skills
Intro-Possible Thesis Statement:
Are you prone to being stressed? Do you find yourself wishing for more time in the day to complete your studies? Do you often forget things you need to do during the day? What I’m really asking is; do you possess enough effective Time Management Skills? We all know our lives are extremely busy therefore it is important to learn good time management skills and habits that will not only help us on the road to academic success in college, but will transfer into other areas of our professional and personal lives. As College students, managing our time is hard work, but after developing study routines, managing our priorities, creating a schedule and accomplishing large tasks first, managing our time will become a second nature us. So, if you are ready to take control of your life and manage your time to accomplish the tasks that are most important to you then keep listening because I have a few simple ways to show you how it easy it is to conquer your time and get you away from the fear of not being able to accomplish your everyday tasks. First of all you should have a calendar. If you don’t have one, get one. Keeping a calendar is an essential part to keeping track of your schedule. Can you think of a time when you didn’t keep track of your schedule? Was the day chaotic? Did you accomplish everything you needed to do? Keeping your days organized is easier than you think. Many phones have calendar apps to download, even for college students. A good one is Student Life Organizer on the iPhone, which can be downloaded free but only allows data for two classes. The full version can be purchased which allows many courses with extra perks and is simple to use. A large wall calendar is a great idea and can be purchased in most stores in different varieties. Whichever calendar you choose, be sure to remember it will be one you will use every day, so try to keep it...
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