Time Management

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The current issue that Confluence has chosen to examine is time management. Time management can be defined as: "The process of exercising conscious control over how much time to spend on specific activities." It is an issue that is of great importance to many employees across many different sectors of the workforce; many employees struggle with it in a day-to-day basis. The reality of the current work environment, for a lot of employees, is becoming distracted or being taken off task is a very easy thing to do. This decreases productivity for the company that they work for, and often creates a backlog of work for the employee which must be handled quickly. A quick pace of working through assignments and projects may decrease the quality of the work and increase the stress on the employee. The issue of time management is important to management in the workplace for several reasons. Quality time management by employees leads to higher quality work. If work done by employees is spaced out over a longer time at less intensity, the quality of work will be higher as the employee are able to take their time with the work and reflect upon any mistakes that may have been made during the process. Time management for employees is also important for today's managers as it allows employees to properly prioritize their work. Properly prioritized work gets done in the order which it needs to be, thus decreasing stress on both the employees and managers. For our group in particular, the issue of time management is important as our group consists of full-time students who are juggling multiple classes and/or full-time jobs. This strain on all of our schedules can easily create a situation where time is not managed properly and the quality of assignments decreases. The ability to manage one's time in an efficient manner will allow for a good flow of...
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