Managing Your Time

Topics: Procrastination, Time management, Management Pages: 3 (553 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Name: Anonymous
Subject: IDST 50
Date: 02/04/13

Managing your time

Taking control of your time
* Setting goals
* List your top three personal goals for the coming decade * Determine two methods for achieving each goal.
* A goal is something you want to achieve
* An objective is a tangible, measurable method for getting there.
* Establishing priorities
* Determine which goals and objectives are most important * Maintain a to-do list, and rank the items on the list.
* Determine schedules and deadlines for each task
* Find an appropriate way to balance your academic schedule, social life, family life and time for yourself

* Staying focused
* Make a plan; begin with priorities and then the necessities of life * Finish what needs to be done before you move from work to pleasure.

Creating a workable class schedule
* Using a daily or weekly planner
* Consider buying a week-at-a-glance organizer or an electronic planner * Carry your planner at all times and enter all due dates as soon as you know them * Write meeting times and locations

* Schedule social events & study time for each class
* Add email addresses and phone numbers
* Choose a specific time of day to check your notes daily.

* Maintain a To-do list
* Star a to-do list every day or once a week
* Develop a system for prioritizing the items on your list * Enter all commitments for the week; classes work hours, personal tasks. * Reserve at least 2hrs study time for each hour spent in class * Estimate how much time you will need for each assignment, begin work early * Set time aside for research and other preparatory tasks.

Organizing your day
* Allow adequate time to review and then test your knowledge when preparing for exams * Schedule time to review ASAP after class (helps remember what you learned in class) * Take advantage of your best time of day to study

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