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A Case Study Analysis of Knowing Your Audience

Tim Hertach exemplifies many of the qualities and traits needed to be a good leader and influence others. He shows integrity and confidence, is forward-thinking and competent. In addition, he seems to be an effective manager, receiving an overall positive evaluation and reinforcement from his senior partners. Though this would suggest he holds some personal power with upper management, he is unable to influence the two recent issues described in the case. Hertach needed to focus on two general ways in which he could have better influenced his senior partners: through his personal leader development and tactical approach. The first would have taken time prior to the introduction of either issue: evaluate and improve his EQ (emotional intelligence). He needed to evaluate his strengths and weaknesses, and in-turn work to gain personal power and empowerment from his senior managers. In truth, he needed to have focused on this from the point that he became partner. The second again involves his EQ but focuses on his immediate reaction and approach in the moment. Hertach needed to better evaluate his tactical approach in influencing upward before responding in the revaluation meeting or sending the initial email questioning past practices. Regarding his personal power development at GLC, Hertach needed to improve his relationship management and social awareness. Understanding the GLC culture and his superiors (the senior partners), should have been something Hertach did from the moment he was promoted. With a stronger EQ he may have done this and would have realized that not all styles of leadership are successful in every situation. He also would have realized that he would need to adapt his own style when dealing with the senior partners. New principal, Joe Clark in Lean on Me experiences this same phenomenon. Though in Clark’s case he is managing downward, he also takes a...
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