Tim Cook Ceo of Apple

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As of August 24, 2011 Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple Incorporated. Tim Cook was a temporary CEO from January to August of 2011 in place for the ill Steve Jobs but has now gained the official title of CEO of Apple in replacement of Jobs. As the CEO Cook now is in charge of the day to day operations of Apple as well as all major decisions for the company. He now holds a very substantial and hard position. Apple has always prided itself and attempted to be an innovation leader in the technology field. To do this the company must be creative and very organized. Information systems can help a company or CEO make decisions and provide the information needed to make those decisions. For example, information from Apple product retail stores such as what products people buy and the customer base, are communicated to the customer service department that has a direct link to suppliers and production details. This is a very good way to understand the customer base and serve them to the best of the company’s ability. It also helps know which products are the main sellers and which ones are becoming insignificant to the bottom line. It also helps the creative process because the technology- innovators can see which products and services customers like and can improve on that.

This is one information system that has been a great advantage to Apple and to Tim Cook especially. He used this data to help increase profits during his time as CEO both with the I-phone and the I-pad. He kept the I-phone as the number one smart phone on the market and introduced the I-pad and it immediately became the most dominant tablet available on the market.

Apple also has a great way to communicate with its employees. There is an in company intranet that allows any employee to access required and important information from their desk. This is a good way to communicate effectively especially with relevant information to the company’s day to day...
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