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Topics: Tim Burton, Edward Scissorhands, Johnny Depp Pages: 3 (1077 words) Published: June 3, 2013
burtEssay Tim Burton Films
Tim Burton has made many great and interesting films but how do some of them compare. Here is the comparison of three films, Vincent, Charlie and the chocolate factory and Edward Scissorhands. This Comparison is about some of the different elements that are in films these are Acting/Performance, Characters and Setting. In the acting and performance the actors really make the characters seem very different from the average person. The Character part, the Actors portray them as dark but unusual and a bit crazy. And in the Setting part, the main settings are very different to some of the more minor other settings or where the characters come from. Acting and Performance are one of the major keys in a movie because you really see how the actors portray or add their own touch to a movie. But in Vincent it is an animated unlike the other movies where it is acted by people it uses Claymation for the acting. Also in Vincent he is silent protagonist with a narrator talking and using rhymes. Also it is almost simpler to Edward that he doesn’t talk much, but in all three movies there are narrators introducing parts of the films. The actors do a brilliant job of repelling the characters at points to the audience with Edward with his scissor hands and where he cuts the kid near the end trying to save him. Willie, with his personality repelling people because, he acts differently to how an average person would. Lastly Vincent repels the audience with his dark, imitative fantasy of being Vincent Price. Believability is a huge thing with acting and in Edward Scissorhands Johnny Depp portrays Edward like he was a real person or creation. And also in Charlie and the chocolate factory Johnny Depp makes Willie a bit wacky by makes him very believable to a real person. But Vincent is believable he acts as a young kid would with imagining things, but not as dark. Then there is The Characters who the actor’s performance portrays. The Characters are how Tim...
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