Tim Burton Cinematic Techniques Analysis

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Tim Burton is an amazing director he uses so many different cinematic techniques to create mood and tone in some of his past movies like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Edward Scissorhands”, and “Big Fish”. In each of those movies he uses cinematic techniques to create a different mood and tone. The three that stood out to me on all movies by Tim Burton were sound, lighting, and editing.
Sound is a crucial part in a Tim Burton movie he uses sound in so many different ways for example in “Edward scissorhands” Edward in carving an ice sculpture and all the ice shavings flying off looks like snow and there has never been snow in there town so Kim is amazed by the beauty. Tim Burton uses music to create a mood of a fairytale. On the other hand in “Edward scissorhands” Peg drives up to Edward house and the music creates a very spooky sense of suspense. In “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” Tim uses sound to portray a fantasy like feeling throughout the whole movie even when something bad went wrong he still used a...

For example in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” from the outside the factory looks very dark and dreary because of the dark lighting that Tim uses but once you open the door you see this bright and colorful land of candy that wouldn’t look as desirable if it didn’t have the bright lighting. Although in “big fish” everything was very dark because he was trying to create a mood of sadness for the dad dying except in the end when the dad turned into a fish. In “Edward scissorhands” the lighting around Edward’s house is very dark up until you actually get to the house then its light and whimsical to show that everyone thinks he’s so scary but really he’s a pretty cool guy that is just lonely and isolated and has never experienced the outside...
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