Robin Hood

Topics: Robin Hood, Merry Men, Alan-a-Dale Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Whether or not the legend of Robin Hood actually lived is not important; the fact is Robin Hood is so beloved and that shows that people of that time and now need hero’s like him to defend the poor. Robin Hood was no ordinary legend. Robin may have committed an abundance of crimes but all the crimes were committed for a good reason. Robin Hood was not very fortunate so Robin and his band of Merry Men stole from the rich and gave the money to the people who needed it more. In the eyes of others he was an outlaw but to the narrator of this essay he is seen as a hero. Robin Hood was chivalrous in many different ways. The courage he’s shown reflects throughout the legend. To understand this complex character one must analyze his upcoming. Robin was born in the 12th century in Sherwood Forest near a small town called Nottingham. Sherwood Forest was a place where many people weren’t wealthy they were known as villagers and they were owned by lords and landowners. The villagers worked for the landowners and lords to keep their land in order. Basically the villagers worked for free because everything they earn or find the landowners take it from them, some didn’t have enough money to provide food or anything else for their families. When the villagers got tired of working for nothing they would all go run into Sherwood Forest to hide from the lords and landowners. During this time when you run away from your owner you become an outlaw and you will be wanted by the sheriff and they will also starve in the forest because there is nothing out there that will help them survive. Robin Hood showed his chivalrous ways by standing up to the evil government and helping the poor get back what they worked so hard for. Robin Hood and his Merry Men were devoted catholic who believed that what was wrong should be corrected. Their religious views inspired the uprising against the government. Robin Hood was also devoted to the Virgin Mary because Mary served as Robins muse for...
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