This paper talks about animal experiments and why it should be stopped.

Topics: Animal testing, Animal rights, Ethics Pages: 3 (793 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Animal Experiments

This paper talks about animal experiments and why it should be stopped. The reasons are that animals experiments are unethical, it’s bad science, & wasteful, even though most people believe that there is no other way for scientists to find cure without testing it on animals first, but I think it’s not true, and you’ll see as you continue reading this paper.

Arguments over the ethical behavior on animal experiments has been in humans thoughts from long time ago, should they make animal tests or should they not.  A lot of people believe that tests on animals are rarely successful on human beings, and even if they work on animals it almost always fails to work on humans.

The reasons why animal experiments are unethical are:
1. It is unethical to cause suffering and deprivation to pain feeling & conscious beings. 2. Vivisection is scientifically useless & is therefore a trivial reason.
Arguments are made because of the fact that scientists wouldn’t find cure without making test on animals & they couldn’t test drugs on humans either. Local Ethics Committees, controlled by the National Ethics Committee, are responsible for controlling experiments conducted on animals. They got a list of all the institutions that are allowed to make tests on animals or breed them for experimental causes, & listed the rules they had to follow to make tests on animals.

The most common animals that they made tests on are mice, rats, guinea pigs, cats, & other more. As time went by people had an easier life with all the technology, yet animals aren’t still given the rights they deserve, getting experimented for humans satisfaction and benefits, Animal test are not just wrong in the ethical way, but because we know that it’s not necessary, and we still do it just so that we can have some relief that it could’ve worked. What makes it right that we can do awful things to animals for the sake of researching, but we...
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