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Topics: Lung cancer, Oncology, Telematics Pages: 4 (778 words) Published: March 12, 2015

This Case study was made by Joshua D. Margolis and Amy Gallo. The article talks about one of the founders of a company called GlobalScope. Gil Lehner was diagnosed with lung cancer. He was a non smoker, which is very unlikely to find that out in a lung cancer patient. These types of cases are rare. He had eight-teen percent of surviving the cancer. Lehner was a very positive person and did not let the cancer intervene with his work. From the four founders, Gil was the scientific expert. He had a degree on biology and worked at a health care company. Gil and his colleagues funded the first eight months of GlobalScope. They wanted to provide the most amplification available for a mobile device.

Arthur Kraus and Maya Hanley were in second year of business school. They were inspired by Gil’s diagnosis. They researched on lung cancer and discovered that lung cancer patients received much less support than other types of cancer. Donors and medical institutions thought that there were a few people with this type of cancer to warrant the investment. Their idea was to establish a prize to reward innovative ideas that particular area. There was a professor on Harvard that had just completed a study and raised awareness about lesser known illnesses. Their plan was to raise a million dollars and smaller prizes for different areas, like the biomarkers and treatment. Gil was a hundred percent behind this idea but he wasn’t sure what he should do with the time remaining in his life. Should he spend it at work? With his family? Or funding money for research, treatments and cures for lung cancer?

Avichai Kremer suffered of ALS. It’s a generative condition in which muscles gradually atrophy, leading to paralysis. He founded a nonprofit called prize4life. Just like Arthur and Maya idea. Prize4life provided one million prizes to researchers, treatments and cures for ALS. Kremer supports any decision Gil Lehner makes.

The Company called GlobalScope was founded on 1999...
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