Name Your Price: Compensation Negotiation at Whole Health

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Name Your Price: Compensation Negotiation at Whole Health

This case study is about a student Monroe davies who is in his second year at Harvard Business school and Jim Hummer who is the CEO of a company named Whole Health Management. Jim has met Monroe before and knows that Monore is interested in entering the whole health management. Jim has asked Monroe to design a compensation package for himself as Director Business Operations because Jim wanted to assess how Monroe reacts when faced by unexpected challenges. Jim has sent a template of the compensation Package and asked him to analyze and work on following areas of the package. * Salary

* Performance Bonus
* Stock Options
* Relocation allowance
* Benefits.

In this case we are required to design the ideal compensation that is acceptable for both Monoroe Davies and the CEO Jim Hummer. Jim has provided Monore with a template of the compensation package and asked to fill amounts which he thinks are acceptable in following areas of the package. * Compensation

* Stock options
* Bonus
* Relocation Allowance
* Continuing Education stipend
We will discuss regarding how we allocated the cash in the areas mentioned above. Monroe DaviesCompensation Package|
Director Business Operations|
Compensation| 125000$ per year, paid semi monthly|
Status| Full time|
Stock options| Options to purchase 10000 stocks at $2.70 per share| Bonus| 62500$|
Relocation Allowance| 3600$ to relocate to Cleveland from HBS| Fringe Benefits|
Paid Time off:|
Vacation| 120 hrs/yr|
Holidays| 80 hrs/yr|
Sick Leave| 48 hrs/yr|
Personal Time| 16 hrs/yr|
Insurance:| |
Health Insurance| Based on premiums|
Dental Insurance| Based on premiums|
Vision| Based on premiums|
Life Insurance| Paid term Life ($50000)|
Long-Term Disability Insurance| Paid (60% of base pay)|
Social secuirty| Paid|
Worker’s Compensation| Paid|
State and...
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