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A fox is a omnivorious mammal that is part of the Canidae family. Foxes are a small – medium canid, that are extremly cunning. The Modern English word "fox" is Old English, and comes from the Proto-Germanic word fukh. The average fox lives for 5 years, which then they usually die of hunting, road kill, and diseases. Reynards (male foxes) weigh on average, 5.9 kilograms and vixens (female foxes) weigh less, at around 5.2 kilograms. Foxes are normally extremely wary of humans and are can be kept as pets. Foxes usually live in forest where there is easy prey nearby. Some foxes like the Chilla fox live in the desert.

In many fictional stories, the fox appears as a symbol of cunning and trickery, or as a familiar animal possessed of magic powers. In stories foxes are said to be ingenius creatures that are also swift and flexible.

In both stories and in reality foxes seem to be very cunning and smart. Foxes are also very swift and have extremly high leaps as they move. However in most stories foxes have magical powers whilst in real life this is obviously false.

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Books I have read that include foxes:

1 Foxes book of martyrs 

2 The fox diaries

3 Foxes

4 The Midnight Fox

In many cultures, a fox is the symbol for a cunning person; in others a vixen is the symbol for the lascivious woman. But what do you really know about this animal?

1.During the Ice Age, 400-650,000 years ago, the red fox and polar fox split from a common ancestor, Vulpes alopecoides.

2.Foxes can live solitary, in couples with their offspring or in groups of 4-6 adults. The territory of the groups, depending on the resources, varies between 100 and 600 hectares, usually with a ray of 7 km (4.2 mi). The normal gait of a fox is a slow trot. Foxes can be found up to altitudes of 2,500 m (8,330 ft).

3.A fox can tell the sex, hierarchical position, status and the location of another fox with the help of its smell. When two foxes meet, the lower status one lowers its ears and displays its abdomen (the vulnerable part) as a sign of submission.

Foxes can emit up to 46 different calls. Their calls resemble a nasal dog bark. They hear sounds with frequencies between 700 to 3,000 Hz and have kin hearing (they hear the squeak of a mouse from a distance of 100 m or 330 ft). Their eyesight is weak and foxes hardly distinguish immobile objects.

A fox emits a heavy scent, given by glands located near anus, like in skunks. These mammals have very kin smell (they can keep the track of the prey for several kilometers).

4.Foxes hunt alone, during the night, preferentially rabbits and rodents (mice, voles, ground squirrels), but also moles, song birds, ducks, quails, partridges, pheasants, eggs, insects (like locusts and beetles, including their larvae), earth worms, but they also eat fruit (in some cases and in some species up to 90 %), cadavers of big hoofed animals (or even their living...
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