San Joaquin Fox

Topics: Fox, Vulpes, Canidae Pages: 3 (849 words) Published: October 24, 2013
 Big eared and small, the San Joaquin fox has to fight to stay try to stay alive. The San Joaquin kit fox once thrived in its California environment. At the present time it is found on the endangered/ threatened species list. This report explains the causes that changed this organisms status. Did you know that San Joaquin Kit foxes are the smallest foxes living? San Joaquin kit foxes are also one of the eight species of kit foxes. This type of kit fox weighs only about five pounds. These factors; pesticide poisoning , oil and gas development , and farming development are three, of the several reasons why the San Joaquin fox has been placed on the endangered/threatened species list since 1967. The San Joaquin kit fox is very unique. It is a very small animal that only weighs about five pounds. In length wise it is only thirty two inches, and in height it is twelve inches. Determined on the season its fur color can vary from buff, tan, yellowish-grey, and grizzled. It also has a noticeable white belly. You can tell a San Joaquin fox because of its prominent black ears. This type of kit fox becomes active near sunset and scavenges at night; therefore, it is nocturnal. In the wild a San Joaquin Fox lives up to seven years. The average hearing and vision is perfect. With the speed of thirty five miles per an hour, it can out run most predators. As you can see the San Joaquin fox is a very unique animal. Next, the San Joaquin fox has a very distinct habitat. The ecosystem that this swift fox lives in is the grassland. It has to be in the vicinity of freshwater marshes and tall grasses. The food sources that are available are Kangaroo rats,...
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