Thinking Your Way to a Better Jobs

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Question 1

Thinking Your Way To A Better Jobs

a) Try to love our Jobs

We must love our job, make it interesting like setting our mind every day woke up and feel that we are the part of our organization. When this kind of feeling already in our mind, our soul it can drive our body go to work without regardless and full of passion. Our jobs is our daily routine and always be a part of our live life.

b) Be supportive

In order to be supportiveness between each other in the organization, the spirit of ‘teamwork’ must be real and compromise. We have to learn who the support staff is and we also have to go out of our way to be helpful to them. People do a lot of work and don’t get nearly the amount of appreciation that we deserve it, so when someone treats well we can notice it. Like when an emergency situation happens (and they always do) having a good support co-worker on our side can be the difference between failure and pulling out success. The point is, we have to treat equal to everybody.

c) Out blame but time to fix it

To feel like part of the organization, managers should use this approach in internal values. When something jobs or assignment going wrong, doesn’t judging it before do some little research about it. Because the main concern is to find a better way to fix it and not to lay blame in particular person.

d) Partnership between manager and employees

Both managers and employees want to create a better job performance in their organization. But, sometimes, some are fails to achieve it. So in orders to do that, employees need to obey but still respect the leader (managers) at the same time the managers have to allowed employees to give idea, or decisions. Communication in both are very important to make the partnership really happen. Managers should give some appreciation and recognized for their work.

e) Be proactive

When we do our jobs that already in our checklist, always do a little more than is expected from us. It means, we have to deliver more values than what is required. It not necessary to be complicated but little things to turn something good into something great. It also, we have to increase out quality of work which can be noticed by our manager.

f) Participate in activities/be sociable

It is very important to show some enthusiasm into anything that our organization doing. This ‘out of the office’ type of events are actually quite crucial, as this is a chance to continue to our solidity social game, as well as a great opportunity to hang-out or mingle with our superior/managers. It show to them that we are committed, likable and serious individual and also show that we are part of the organization.

g) Co-Workers Very Helpful
A successful company are manage by a group effort. It is a team work. When i being available to help out my co-workers then they will appreciate it. Then we can create a good cooperation among the groups and it will increase a value in the company.

h) Reasonable Working Hours
Working in my office is meeting my needs. I like to work from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays. On weekends I can spend time with family or doing activities that I am passionate

i) Get Comfortable With Our Own Personality

For example, people with introverted personality traits may feel weird or antisocial. Introverts don’t always realize that they are simply drained by group of people and that they process their thoughts differently than extroverts. The more you know about your personality and the more comfortable you are with yourself that will be easier to like your job.

j) Appreciate What Are We Have Now
I've worked in a number of jobs over the years, doing a variety of things, and finally, I've decided that the VERY best job to have is a job you love, regardless of...
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