Team Strategy Plan

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Team Strategy Plan

1. Complete the following table to address the creation of teams at Riordan Manufacturing.

|Strategy |Strengths |Weaknesses | | |Team players confident decision-makers; |Avoid individuals that do not like to help,| |Separate employees to complete different |experience in plastic ware; and employees |confrontational, and not cooperative. | |tasks (Work Specialization). |who know the vision of Riordan. | | |Identify separate tasks by function. |Employees who are used to change, not |Avoid employees who want to stay in the | |(Departmentalization). |fearful of being reassigned to another |same department, and who cannot focus on | | |department, and who are multi-taskers. |more than one task at a time. | |Designate authority. |Designate confident employees, dependable |Avoid employees with no decision-making | |(Chain of Command). |managers who can encourage and boost |skills, and who just want recognition of | | |morale. |power and abuse authority. | |Create employee groups to be separately |Employees who work well together, who are |Avoid employees that cause division. | |managed (Span of Control). |cooperative, and can be part of good |discord, and who separates themselves from | | |decisions. |others. | |Identify jobs and make clear duties |Employees who understand career goals, who |Avoid...
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