Thief: Significance of Mein Kampf

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazism, Nazi Germany Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Prompt 14: The significance of Mein Kampf throughout The Book Thief.

Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf is a highly significant aspect of The Book Thief, both symbolically and literally. In many instances throughout the novel, Hitler’s infamous work of literature was used against the Nazi regime to bring protection and safety to those in possession of the novel. Alternatively, Mein Kampf was also wielded by a majority of German nationals as a source of guidance and assurance in the chaotic economic state surrounding the German country. Characters such as Hans Junior, Hans Hubermann, and Max Vandenberg are excellent examples of the power Mein Kampf possessed over society in 1930’s Nazi Germany.

In association to the power of words, Mein Kampf held a considerable position in the ranks of influence in this time period. This novel was used in safekeeping by a majority of the German population to relate to Adolf Hitler during the economic turmoil the country was facing. For example, Hans Junior, among other various characters, was used as a symbol of the negative power Mein Kampf held over many individuals. To many who did not believe in Nazi views, the novel itself ‘brainwashed’ many of Germany’s youth, including young Hans Junior. This power Mein Kampf held over Hans Junior eventually led to a crippled relationship between himself and his father. The strong influence that Hitler’s novel held over the German population supported the nationalist Nazi cause, as well as the power it held against Hitler overall, as seen with Hans Hubermann and Max Vandenberg.

Throughout Nazi Germany, Mein Kampf was used a sign of support and moral towards Adolf Hitler. Despite his moral differences with the Nazi party, this is exactly how both Hans Hubermann and Max Vandenberg used this work of literature throughout the novel. Due to Hans Hubermann’s repeated mistakes in the recent past, he was suspected of not supporting the Nazi cause-which was true, but not intentional. These...
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