They Say I Say

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Higher Education Is Worth the Price
Is getting a higher education worth the price? I think it is. In the book, “they say I say” the author, argues that not getting an education doesn’t necessary mean not having a good job or a good position. I disagree. I believe education is really important. You may think you have a good job in your possession or a good secure position, but later in life when a promotional opportunity arises, you’ll always fall short without the degree at your fingertips. Jobs requiring minimal or no education usually involve strenuous labor and lack the opportunities to advance. These jobs generally won’t be in the office. People with a higher education stand out in society, not just because they might necessary need that degree for their job, but getting a better job leads to getting to know the right people.

In the essay the author talks describes his mother’s job who works as a waitress at a restaurant. He talks about the skills his mom has which she didn’t learn in school but from hands on experience. These skills include communicational skills and problem solving which she otherwise would not have learned if she had attended a higher learning institution and obtained a degree. It’s one thing to remember customer’s orders and how to deal with different types of people, but she works in a restaurant not in the corporate world. If she had a higher education, hence a better job, she could have owned that restaurant or perhaps even her own franchise.

In the next chapter, the author goes on to give his own personal example about his theory. He doesn’t have much education but has inherited a promotional position gaining the supervisory skills to run the assembly line at General motors. This is an example of a skill that he would not have received at school. At his job, he learns from his mistakes. Being the supervisor of the assembly line at General Motors is a great job, but if he had a higher education he could have accepted an...
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