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Topics: Social identity, Peer group, Social psychology Pages: 3 (1119 words) Published: March 1, 2010
The title of the thesis that I chose for my Thesis Reading is “BARKADAHAN SA MC: Communication within Peer Groups in Miriam College and how it leads the members to commit major violations of school rules.” It was written by four authors namely, Catherine J. Macasaet, Michelle Corazon S. Robles, Alexandrea Camille C. Rodriguez, and Anna Monica T. Torres. The thesis was published on February 9, 2008 and was submitted as a partial fulfillment of the authors’ requirements in Communication Arts.

The problem of the said thesis is, “Does communication within peer groups in Miriam College lead its members to commit major violations of school rules?” and with this being said, their general objective is to identify whether communication within Miriam College students affect their chances of committing school violations.

According to the findings of the group members of the thesis, based on the survey that they have conducted, almost all of their respondents are part of a peer group or what they mostly call as a “barkada.” Only 3 out of a hundred responded “no” when asked if they belong to one. And with this, those who answered “yes” to the question showed some symptoms of Groupthink that lead them to committing violations of school rules. The Groupthink phenomenon allowed the students of certain peer groups to have faulty decisions causing them to do wrong actions. The group also discussed the activities that peer groups mostly do and their self-evaluation of their school performance. With this, they have also included the number of people among their respondents who have encountered committing violations and their peers’ influence on this. The Groupthink phenomenon which was stated a while ago was the most evident situation that peer groups are commonly facing when together. Three of the symptoms present were the thought that each group’s actions are always right, that they always have undisputed choices in decision-making, and lastly, that every group does not...
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