Thesis: Public Speaking and Informative Speech

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Prelim handout

Public Speaking * Public speaking is the process of speaking to a group of people. It is one of the most valued skills that a person can possess. * The aims of public speaking are to inform, convince, influence, persuade or entertain. * Good public speaking skills are required from teachers, business people, TV reporters, politicians as well as representatives of other professions. * Effective public speaking skills can be developed by studying the art of speaking (oratory) and by joining a public speaking society. * Learners must practice to control their voice (pitch, intonation, rhythm), use gestures, mimics, and eye contact with the audience. * In addition, god public speakers should select proper vocabulary and develop relationship with the audience.
Many people are afraid of speaking in public so much that they would rather die than speak in public. The fear of speaking in public is called glossophobia, i.e. an abnormal fear of speaking in public.

Effective Delivery

* Be active – move * Be purposeful – controlled gestures * Variations – vocals (pitch, volume, rate) * Be natural * Be direct – don’t just talk in front of the audience talk to them

Think about Apple CEO Steve Jobs and the presentations he gives when he introduces a new product. He gives you information, he shows you how to use a new product, tells you how you can use the product to solve a problem, makes you understand why you need it, and closes by letting you get your hands on the new iSomething, you see why the new product will help you.

Sample Speech Outline

I. Introduction – Thesis II. Body – support arguments III. Conclusion – review

Types of Speech
Impromptu – a type of speech that gives one so little a time to prepare and expound thoughts.
Extemporaneous – a type of speech though very much like impromptu, this gives one enough time to gather his thoughts and explain them to

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