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Thesis on Classroom Management

By JaGarduque1 Oct 04, 2012 768 Words

This chapter presents the methods and procedures that are use in securing and translating the data needed in the study.

Research Design

We, the researchers will utilize the descriptive method of research since it is a fact-finding methodology with adequate interpretations.

Descriptive includes the process of analysis, classification, enumeration, measurement and evaluation. Survey is an organized endeavor to gather data and information regarding present or current conditions prevailing in the social institution.

Locale of the Study

This study will be conducted in some selected public secondary schools in Taguig and Pateros which are located in Ricardo Papa National High School Main and Annex, Pateros National High School, Upper Bicutan National High School, Maria Concepcion Cruz High School.

Sampling Procedures

This study involves a representative sample of 100 secondary school teachers from the five public secondary schools in Taguig and Pateros. The number of samples will be determine using the sampling proportional to size, hence the school having bigger number of teachers have more respondents, while those with few teachers have smaller number of respondents.

Data Gathering Instrument

The questionnaire checklist is use in gathering data and information on the educational qualification, teaching experience, in-service training and teaching competencies of teachers in the implementation of innovative programs particularly the SEDP Curriculum which serve as baseline data and information for the teachers in Taguig and Pateros.

Validation of the Instrument

The questionnaire is adopted from Beltran's thesis, hence, validation was no longer necessary, however, other parts of the tools which are modify are pretested, until the desire validity and reliability is establish.

Methods of Collecting Data

Before the administration of the questionnaire, a permit is first secure from the Schools Division Superintendent of Taguig and Pateros through the school principals. And we will personally administer and retrieve the questionnaires. We, the researchers will also going to conduct structured and unstructured interviews to supplement the data gather through the questionnaire.

Sources of Data

Data are obtained from the questionnaire checklist and interviews. The Secondary Education Curriculum served as rich sources of data and information.

Statistical Treatment of Data

To determine the differential of the teaching competencies to implement the SEDP the teachers were grouped according to their educational qualification, teaching experienced and relevant in-service using the following scheme.

Teachers who finished the baccalaureate degree required in the secondary level and who earned 3 to 9 units in the master's program were considered "Moderately Qualified", those with 12 to 21 units, "Highly Qualified".

Teachers whose teaching experiences ranged from1 to 7 years, 8 to 15 years and 16 years and above were considered "Less experience, More experience and Most experience", respective.

Teachers who accumulated in-service training which ranged from 8 to 72 hours; 73 to 144 hours; and 145 and above of relevant in-service training attended were considered as: "Less prepared, Moderately prepared, and Highly prepared", respectively. The responses in each category were multiplied by the weight and the products were added and the sum was divided by the total number of responses to obtain the weighted mean.

To determine whether significant relationship existed between professional preparation, teaching competencies and teaching performance, the chi-square test for independence was employed with 0.05 level of significance using the formula:



X2= is the chi-square computed value

Fo= is the observed frequency

Fe= is the expected frequency

To determine the percentages, the frequencies were converted using the following formula:

P= F x 100



P=is the percentage

F=is the frequency

N=is the number of respondents

WM= (f1 x x1) + (f2 x 2) + (f3 x 3)



F1, f2 and f3 were the corresponding frequencies

1, 2 and 3 were the corresponding weights

The interpretation of data on weighted mean was based on the three-point scale as presented below:

1. (1.00- 1.66)-Moderately Qualified

-Less Experience,

-Less prepared

-Less competent

2. (1.67-2.33)-Highly Qualified

-More experience,

-Moderately prepared,

-Fairly competent

3. (2.34-3.00)-Very Highly Qualified

-Most experienced,

-Highly prepared,

-Very competent.



Gen. Santos Ave. Lower Bicutan, Taguig City

Dear Respondent,

This is a questionnaire-checklist designed to solicit information on your professional preparation and competencies in teaching. In connection with this, the researcher is appealing for your support and cooperation by way of answering honestly the following needed data in order to come up with a realistic evaluation.

Rest assured that your answers shall be highly confidential.

Thank you very much.

Very truly yours,


Lead Researcher

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