Thesis About High School Sororities

Topics: Fraternities and sororities, Hazing, National Pan-Hellenic Council Pages: 4 (1058 words) Published: February 17, 2010
The Psychological and Social effects of sorority affiliations among High School Students from Imus Institute


-Fraternities/Sororities come from a long history of brotherhood and sisterhood. It was present as early as 1776 in the North American region the expanded globally with different names derived from Greek alphabets. Fraternities in the Philippines was deeply influenced by freemasonry fraternity and odd fellows fraternity, both are ancient fraternal organizations that originated in England on or before the year 1700's. Ancient masonry reached the Philippines during the Spanish era, however, most of its members were only the elite. American Odd fellows, on the other hand, reached the Philippines in the year 1872 during the Spanish-American war and was largely responsible for the petty insurrection the following year. A number of Filipino soldiers who are allies of the Americans became members.. Later, college fraternities began to form especially when American Education (philosophy) reached our shores. State Universities where the first to enjoy Greek Life - UP - in which was the birth of the first original Filipino Greek Letter Fraternity, Upsilon Sigma Phi (1918).

Fraternities and sororities comes from the Latin words frater and soror, meaning "brother" and "sister" respectively are fraternal social organizations for undergraduate students. In English, the term refers mainly to such organizations at colleges and universities in North America, although it is also applied to analogous European groups also known as corporations. Similar, but less common, organizations also exist for secondary school students. In modern usage, the term "Greek letter organization" is often synonymous with the terms "fraternity" and "sorority".

Early fraternal societies were very competitive for members, for academic honors, and for any other benefit or gain. Some of this competition was seen as divisive on college campuses. Today there is still...
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