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A. Background of the Study

Biñan has played a huge part in our culture and history. With a rich commercial market and progressive, continuous development, this town has been recently converted into a city. Biñan City – has become both a suburban residential community of Metro Manila and location for some of the Philippines’ largest industrial estates and export processing zones. (Casas, 2011) (AUTHOR AND THE YEAR OF PUBLICATION OF THE REFERENCE CITED) It is also home to a growing number of large, upscale commercial establishments that has provided local jobs for Biñanenses. The city’s economy and tourism has continuously improved and it currently enjoys remarkable success. Truly, Biñan is developing since 2000. Biñan, according to historical literature, was discovered and established by the Spaniards in June 1571, a month after Miguel Lopez De Legaspi founded Manila. Under the leadership of Juan de Salcedo, Legaspi’s nephew, about forty-five Spaniards sailed and landed on the towns of Taytay and Cainta in the province of Morong (now known as Rizal). (PARAPHRASED STATEMENTS (CITE THE HISTORY OF YOUR STUDY HERE)

Historically wise, Biñan is associated with Jose Protacio Rizal, the country's national hero. It was in June 1869 when Jose Rizal as a young boy went to Biñan with his brother Paciano. Here, his first formal education was entrusted to Maestro Justiniano Aquino Cruz who after a year and a half of tutelage advised young Rizal to continue higher education in Manila. It is here in Biñan that Rizal’s young mind was molded and shaped, and even though instruction was rigid and strict, knowledge was forced into the minds of the pupils by means of the tedious memory method aided by the teacher’s whip, young Rizal was able to acquire the necessary instruction preparatory for college work in Manila. (JRU, 2004) REFERENCE#2 and so today, the city government is aiming for accessible quality...
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