There Can Be No Real Argument About It: Judges Make Law. the Declaratory Theory Is More or Less Nonsense

Topics: Education, Water, Language Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Teaching Non Native-English Speakers by my former English tutor in Scotland (My experience):

Use pictures when appropriate and helpful.
Ask them to teach you how to say something in their native language, invite others to learn and use the word. Ask them to do things that don't require written /spoken communication(many students can paint, draw, classify, organize, take notes to the office, etc. to feel valued and included). People love games and there are some games that are very specific to each country. Invite students to teach a game from their native country/culture. Find music from the student's culture and incorporate it into your lesson. Invite the student to bring a CD from home to teach the class a song. Use body language to show support, acceptance, encouragement, and enthusiasm (thumbs up, high-5, smile, etc.). Teach through examples and demonstrations, avoid using too many words. Repeat key words important to the lesson.

Label as many things as possible (in several languages) in your classroom/area, review these items frequently. Smile. You can never go wrong with a smile and a willing spirit. Put yourself in their shoes. America can be a big and scary new, world. Consider coming from a village with no running water. Now imagine not knowing how to use the toilet, the sink or the water fountain? It is a real situation for many students. If educators can make the transition even just a little bit smoother, we can bring joy and not stress; love and not judgment; calmness instead of fear, foster education and not ignorance. We can teach. And we can learn.
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