Theory Critique: Crabb and Hawkins

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Theory Critique: Crabb and Hawkins
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Summary of the Content
Both authors express many overlapping elements of revealed truth in regard to the process of counseling and the problems that are derived in the life of clients and people suffering from disorders and psychologically unhealthy mindsets. Hawkins utilizes a theory of 5 concentric circles defining the human psyche and physiology. Hawkins goes on to relay his theory of counseling that utilizes 4 phases in which the counselor and the client work through the issues that hinder the client and formulate a plan of action in which the client is assisted in overcoming issues and able to become accountable and productive within the community. Crabb’s (1977) theory of counseling rests on the counselor being aware of the goal of counseling. Crabb (1977) continues to state that personal worth is defined by significance and security and that through biblical understanding and application one may achieve the goal of the counseling process and obtain a biblical sense of worth and security. Evaluation of the Strengths and Weaknesses of Hawkins

Dr. Hawkins (2012) presents a model for the counseling process that at its foundation utilizes his concept of human persona as it is revealed within his five concentric circles. The circles consist of core self, one’s soul, one’s body, temporal systems, and supernatural systems. In the core self one finds the image of God, the sinful flesh nature, and the breath of life or human spirit (Holy Spirit will also be in the core of a Christian) (Hawkins, 2012). The soul contains will, volition, thinking, conscience, and emotion. The body contains one’s actual biological and physiological system of the human body. Next the temporal system consists of family, culture, friends, government, economics education, and church life to name several potential temporal systems one may engage. The final concentric circle consists of supernatural systems within which one...

References: Crabb, L. (1977). Effective Biblical Counseling: A Model for Helping Caring Christians BecomeCapable Counselors. Grand Rapids: Zondervan.
Hawkins, R. (2012).Week One, Lecture One: Strategy for Intervention.
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