Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling

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4 MAT review

Jason Wilkerson Liberty University COUN 506

Integration of Psychology and Theology March 31, 2013


In his conceptual book, Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling

(1996), McMinn offers s a presentation of a counselor multitasking but has developed his own

Who has developed approach I in the counseling world? Most New age Christian counselors

have begun to develop synchronized skills which embark on the core components of,

Theology, psychology and spirituality. Our journey begins exploring the pathways of

understanding the values and perspectives that can be discovered through the work of a well

rounded solid, Christian counselor. The book is filled with illustrations of life and brief

counseling scenarios, McMinn (1996) does provide the reader with a fully functional working

model that identifies the relating life experiences to Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality. The

resistance of modern psychology and theology in today’s practices is divisive as it tries to

deliver contemporary messages concerning mental health on different approaches. As

Psychologist Albert Ellis wrote, “The emotionally healthy individual should primarily be true to

himself and not masochistically sacrifice himself for others.” Versus Christian spirituality that

identifies and states in scripture that as individuals we are instructed to look out for the interest

of others (Phil. 2:4) and to prefer one another in honor (Rom 12:10) (McMinn, 1996).

McMinn successfully attempts to integrate the concepts of these three distinct

disciplines, Christian counseling then becomes more intricate and comprehensive. The modern

Christian counselor sets their belief upon God as an individual’s growth, spirituality and

mental health is in their mind. In placing the remains of a tattered mental health condition in

the forefront, the client’s eternity of life and knowledge of God and overall well being remains

an important piece in the treatment. A outlined viewpoint of psychological and spiritual

health, gives the individual the responsibility to recognize their relationship to God, they

family and friends and most of all to themselves. We must first understand and have a

Awareness that identifies our brokenness and therefore, allow us experience grace and hope

in our journey through life’s trials and tribulations with Jesus Christ.

The three disciplines psychology, theology, and spirituality in addition to the niche of

multitasking, will take time, energy, loyalty, and dedication to integrate in the counseling

profession. The latter parts of the book discusses McMinn uses prayer, scripture, sin,

confession, forgiveness, and redemption to give us a glimpse of the counseling

world perspective .The main problem with sin is that it separates us from God; the wonder of

redemption is that individuals are brought back into relationship with God. (McMinn, 1996, p.

265). A Christian counselor must display humility and compassion and gratitude and pray for

God’s grace with gratefulness. Scripture transforms people by identifying the sin and the Holy

Sprit power allows a redemptive God to shine through. Those who are unbelievers see no

need for spiritual redemption. Through Confession we acknowledge our sin and our need for

Salvation through the grace and love of God. We need the redemption for our sins as we gain a

relationship with God our prayer becomes fruitful. Our lives will then be completed and our

hope everlasting. “Bless the Lord, O my Soul, and do not...

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