Theory Critique of Crabb and Hawkins

Topics: Emotion, Bible, Jesus Pages: 3 (829 words) Published: December 6, 2011
Theory Critique of Crabb and Hawkins
Jeremy Poling
Liberty University

Dr. Crabb suggests that there are four viewpoints to integrating spirituality and psychology. The first being “Separate but Equal” This viewpoint ascertains that psychology and spirituality do not mix any more than if a person needs a filling for a cavity or the excising of their wisdom teeth, they do not peruse the scripture for direction the person goes to a dentist. This view is not solid for its very premise is flawed. When dealing with man’s troubling emotions and thinking scripture has much to say about this. For example in 1 Cor. 10:5, we are directed to control our thought life (Holy Bible). The second view “Tossed Salad” is acceptable in that it blends theology and psychology. It fails in that it is not careful in checking secular concepts in light of Biblical truth. The third view “Nothing Buttery”, fails in that it disregards psychology altogether. This view says that all that is needed is Christ. The fourth “Spoiling the Egyptians”, is the most balanced of the four approaches (Crabb, 1977). This approach teaches that psychology is under the authority of God’s word. The bible is God’s infallible, inerrant, inspired revelation. Scripture is to have priority over non-biblical opinion in a functional capacity. Crabb veers away from the traditional teaching that man is a tri- part creature and suggests that man has a two part division: the body or material side and the spirit and soul belonging to the immaterial side (p.88). Crabb aptly discerns that most patients seek counseling because of the self-centered desire to be happy. He explains astutely that the path to true happiness is to become Christ like. Dr. Crabb explains the goal of counseling is spiritual and psychological maturity. There is concern also to help people to enter into greater worship and an affective life of service. Maturity involves immediate obedience and long range character...

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