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The Collaborative Health Team Theory emphasizes multi-relationship of health care professionals to attain better patient outcomes. This theory is focused on the creation of shared and mutual experience among heath care professionals and patient through interpersonal process to attain desired mutual goals and objectives. Emphasis of this theory is expansion and growth of Hildegard Peplau’s Interpersonal Theory through integrating new roles and functions of other health care professionals in understanding individual behaviors, values, beliefs, culture, past experiences and expectations for the purpose of becoming knowledgeable in the interpersonal care process of the patient. Through collaboration of health care professionals in the application of therapeutic relationship and implementation of planned health interventions, better patient outcomes can be expected in the attainment of mutual goals.

DEVELOPMENTAL STAGES OF MULTI- HEALTH PROFESSIONALS-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP Collaborative Health Team Theory adopts the Peplau’s Developmental Stages of Nurse- Client relationship in the formulation of developmental stages of multi- health professionals-client relationship. Extension and partial revision of Peplau’s Developmental Stages of Nurse-patient relationship is given emphasis to integrate new concepts with respect to the step by step process involved in the working relationship. Other approaches involving multi-health professional tasks and roles within the working relationship are also integrated making the interpersonal process more complex and wide in scope. Developmental stages of multi-health professionals-client relationship is composed of 4 phases same as through with the 4 phases adopted by Hildegard Peplau in her developmental stages of nurse- client relationship. These are as follows: Orientation, Identification, Exploitation and Resolution phase. Orientation phase starts with initial meeting of health...
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