Theories of communication

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Theories of communication

Communication cycle:

The communication theory was created by Michael Argyle (1972) and he said that interpersonal skills/communication was a skill that can be learnt. To aid this Michael made a communication cycle which they are free to use until they become fluent in communicating. The communicating cycle includes When an idea occurs- this is when you have an idea that you want to communicate with someone. Message coded- this involves thinking through how you’re going to put across what you want to say. Message sent- This is when you actually speak and communicate with the person you are wanting to effectively communicate with. Message received- The person who you are communicating with will hear words or symbols. Message Decoded- The other person will have to be able to interpret/decode the message you sent and they will make assumptions that will either be correct or incorrect. Message Understood- If all is understood then the person will be able to know correctly what you were saying however this doesn’t always happen. An example of good communication could be:

1) Sam wants to say something to his teacher about an injury he has 2) Sam works out how and what he is going to say to the teacher 3) He speaks to the teacher about his injury
4) The teacher listens to what Sam is saying
5) The teacher picks up key information for example Sam’s Body language 6) The teacher understands what Sam is saying and treats him accordingly An example of Bad communication could be:
1) Doctor wants to speak to patient
2) Doctor thinks about what he wants to say, PROBLEM patient is deaf. 3) The Doctor speaks to the patient about how often they need to take their medication- however the doctor doesn’t realise patient is deaf and the patient therefore cannot hear everything being spoken to him. 4) PROBLEM: Patient has picked up on everything that has been said meaning he doesn’t understand what the doctor has said. 5) The patient may have...
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