Theoretical and Practical Knowledge in Computer of Bsed Computer Education Students

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Chapter I
The Problem

Chapter I contains eight parts (1) Background of the Study (1) Review of Related Literature (3) Conceptual Frame Work (4) Statement of the Problem (5) Assumption and/or Hypothesis (6) Definition of Terms (7) Significance of the Study (8) Delimitation of the Study.

Part one, Background of the Study, justifies the need of the investigation and discusses the importance of choosing the Problem.
Part two, Review of Related Literature, presents the related study and provides the reader with a clear perspective of the nature of the study.
Part three, Conceptual Framework of the study, presents the pattern upon which the study is anchored.
Part four, Statement of the Problem, gives the general and specific problems to be answered by the researcher.
Part five, Assumption and/or Hypothesis enumerates the specific problems and/or what is to be existing.
Part six, Definition of Terms, gives the conceptual and operational meaning of the important terms use in the study.
Part seven, Significance of the Study, cites from the benefits that could be derived from the results of the study.
Part eight, Delimitation of the Study, specifies the scope and coverage of the study.

Background of the Study

People are the greatest resource of every country and the most effective agents of change, however, unless the people are equipped with essential knowledge, skills and right attitudes, these capabilities can never be a reality. To become effective agent and manager of change, people must be educated. They must be equipped with the knowledge, skills and right attitudes and values not only to function and live well in society, but also to be creative, productive and useful citizens of the country. These capabilities are most effectively developed in people through education. (Camarao, 1991).

According to President Ramos (1995), human resources development is a primary concern in the quest for global competitiveness. In fact the government must enhance and sharpen the people’s capabilities in order to cope with fast changing global environment particularly in the field of education.

The twenty-first century is upon us, and it is becoming clear with it, will come scientific and technical advances that will continue to change many things. All aspects of our culture are already being affected by the “computer revolution”. People are being continually influenced as technology changes our educational system, economy, social system, government, job opportunities, and creative expressions. Unless you intend to be a hermit, computers will affect you. In order to prepare our selves for this highly technical twenty-first century, individuals need to be technically literate and familiar with the tools of the day-electronics computers. Some experts think that, eventually, the person who does not know how to use a computer will be just as handicapped in performing his or her job as the person today who cannot read.

With this considerations, the researcher are inspired to conduct a study that would determine the theoretical and practical knowledge in computer of the third year Bachelor in Secondary Education students who are majoring Computer Education.

Review of Literature

A computer is an electronic device designed to manipulate data so that useful information can be generated. It is a machine in many ways similar to other machines. It runs on electricity. It contains number of parts that work together. It is designed to perform certain tasks.

As a tool, the computer has greatly influenced the amounts and kinds of knowledge that people most have. The computer ability to help answer questions, gain information and solve complex problems has created a society dependent upon computer technologies. Today, basic skills in computing are becoming necessary for job equality. Computer literacy is a term use to describe a general understanding of electronic computing. The skills needed to be considered...
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