Effects on Living in a Residence Hall

Topics: Theory of planned behavior, Behavior, Rooms, Psychology, Civil engineering, College / Pages: 7 (1604 words) / Published: Mar 30th, 2013
Chapter I
This chapter presents the background of the study, statement of the problem, theoretical and conceptual framework, significance of the study, scope and limitations of the study and definition of terms.
Background of the Study Independence means freedom. Freedom: this is what most teenagers want. Having freedom seems to be fun but what they do not know is that freedom is not just about doing what they want to do nor having what they want to have. It is also taking responsibility of every action and every decision that they make. It is being mature and being a parent to themselves.
Independence also means living away from home. This is tougher than it seems to be. It is for the reason that they would be in a new environment and this means new people, new climate and new culture. Everything is new. The traditions that they have grown to would be different from the traditions of their new home. They may have to change the language that they speak or change the way they dress themselves. That is what makes coping harder. According to a study made by Timar Levin, Zipora Libman and Rivka Amiad (1980) about the behavioral patterns of students under an individualize strategy, Seventy-two boys and girls chosen from 12 first, second and third grade classrooms were included in the sample; 1/3 were ranked by the teacher as high achievers, 1/3 as average and 1/3 as low achievers. If an outside force is added like when the students are not in their homes particularly they are living in a residence hall, will it have the same results? That is what this study is all about, the only changes are the students' involved. In this study, we want to find out the effects of living in a residence hall and going home regularly not only in their academic performance but also on the other aspects (physical, emotional, economic and social) to the freshmen Civil Engineering students. Engineering students in Universities nowadays prefer to live on residence

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