Theology Field Trip

Topics: Jesus, Christianity, Christian terms Pages: 3 (1036 words) Published: April 17, 2013
My Field Trip Experience
By Regina S. Allen
Intro to Theology

The church I visited for my field trip report was, St Paul Lutheran Church, located at 245 East 138th Street in Dolton, Illinois. The service was on April 6, 2012, (Good Friday), and was called Good Friday Tenebrae. It was a wonderful and enlightening experience that I would never forget. The front page of my report was taken from the program cover that the church was presenting. It is symbolic of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Church
The church was of medium size, located on the corner of the block and extends to halve of the block. There is a large parking lot on the side and back of the church. When you first see the church from the outside, you will notice the bell tower and the white cross on top of the building. The exterior of the church gave me a feeling of an old religious church in the south where you sang and praised the Lord for many hours. There is a cement carport at the entrance of the doorway. When entering the entrance to the church, you will noticed a coat rack section, a brochure rack for the different programs the church offers and you will hear a soft, angelic melody. This melody is peaceful, warm and serene, as if you are floating on clouds. The chapel is enclosed within glass and wooden doors. Outside the chapel, I noticed a desk with beautiful arrangements of Easter lily flowers, a statue of Mary on top of a red cloth and white table cloth. (Chapel entrance picture on last page of report). There was also a meeting room, and stairway leading up to the Priest’s office. The chapel architecture was outstanding done. The ceiling and walls were perfectly carved with the Lord in mind in the shape of a big boat, just like Noah’s Arch but modern. There is a picture on the last page of this report showing the inside of the chapel. Glassed stained windows throughout the entire church, gives you the feeling of his Holiness. Each glass stain...
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