Topics: Character, Actor, Theatre Pages: 4 (1493 words) Published: September 2, 2013
Wara Monkhare El Ahmar, a play written and directed by Walid Saliba, was performed at Frem Multipurpose room, at the Lebanese American University, on the 19th of May 2013. The play was mainly a series of fragmented retrospective memories experienced by the director. In Brief, the play constitutes of two characters, actors, Marylise Aad and Mike Evasion, sharing the same apartment. This show acts as a boosting stimulator to reveals what is behind our red noise as described by the director. A series of patched stories, shy stories, that happened with each and every one of us merged together within the same plot. A prologue indicates the start of the play. Two screens, on both sides of the stage, showing the shadows of the main characters performing some daily life tasks, act as a subliminal vision to portray the duality of the actors. After three minutes of steering between the two screens, trying to grasp the longest of each performances, the two characters appear. Once on stage, one’s can realize a strong affiliation between the two actors from the first glimpse. A dialogue between the two takes place, Mike tells Marylise about his interview at work, and how ironic was the interviewer when she knew that he is a communication art students. During that time, Marylise takes the role of that women, trying to imitate her and settles on the other side of the stage. Again one’s can realize the split between the two characters, another indicator highlighting the duality of an actor.

As for the characters, they were really motivated and fitting into the role that they were playing. In fact it was obvious that both are professional actors. Each actor had to switch between different roles: The actor, the person, the clown, the interviewer, the teacher, etc which will be hard for an amateur to perform this way. Moreover, it was clear that most of the play was written after the selection of both character. Both of the actors did a great job and the acting was really...
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