The Yoruba vs Christianity

Topics: Religion, God, Christianity Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: July 23, 2008
There are many religions throughout the world today. Although there are several different religions, many individuals are not educated about the other beliefs besides there own. Religions today do have differences but are also very much the same. This is demonstrated between the religion of Yoruba, and Christianity. The Gods that the people in these religions worship are different but have the same purpose throughout the lives of each individual. Each individual’s purpose and goal in these religions also display similarities. Furthermore the rituals that are done throughout these religions are done for directions and to improve the relationship between the individual and their god. There are various differences and similarities between these systems and structures of the Yoruba religion and Christianity. These religions are all centered on a god or gods that they believe has created this world. These gods are very important in their lives. The Yoruba religion believes that Olorun is the source of the universe, however Olorun is only worshiped in prayers and is not involved in the affairs of humans. Instead the orisa, the lesser gods, are truly significant to the Yoruba religion. There are hundreds of these gods and to the Yoruba religion they are the source of help but they also have the ability to harm humans. A human can be harmed once the rituals that are performed do not appease the orisa gods. Christians believe in one god that they believe created the world in six days. To Christians this god is the source of everything. Although there is one god this god has three parts: god the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. These three parts are called the trinity and are worshipped by Christians. The lifestyle that an individual lives along with worship and prayer are all ways that Christians worship and represent their god. Although the Yoruba religion believes in polytheism and Christians do not they both believe that their god is the creator and source of the...
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