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Deante gumbs

ENC 1101

Jill hall


Tampa bay is a beautiful place to live in beside having a sorry football team I love it.

Everyone has a place in Tampa that they love to go to whether to relax, party, shop ect.

There’s somewhere in new Tampa that I go to all the time because it's relaxing, I can

hang With friends and it has one of the best car shows I have ever seen. It is the go to

place on a nice day in Tampa.

First of all, this place is very soothing and relaxing. When I go there to

Relax, I sit right in front of the Barns & Noble in a gray wooden rocking chair or either

the bench. Sitting down while sipping on a thirst quenching banana smoothie from the

Starbucks inside. Looking around at everything that is going on. Seeing birds flying

Into the middle of the road to Scavenge for food nearly missing the car that is

scavenging to find a parking space in a place swarming with people trying to do the same.

Feeling the warm Summer breeze hit your skin As your going back and forth in your

rocking chair is what really makes it relaxing to me. It’s the go to place for just a nice

time outside enjoying the beautiful weather of Tampa..

Furthermore, this place is extremely popular to hang out at with your friends.

. Groups of friends Are everywhere. Hearing the laughter of them while they walk into the

different stores And coming out of them with the smell of the colon or perfume clamping

to their clothes. If there’s not a group of friends there is couples going on a date to one of

Number of restaurants they have like Yamotos Japanese restaurant where they cook,

in front of you and do crazy tricks like the volcano and the egg roll you can feel the heat

Of the flames from the press up on your face which somehow makes it even more


Lastly, this...
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