The Wilson's Disease

Topics: Wilson's disease, Liver, Cirrhosis Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: March 24, 2005
The Wilson's Disease

The Wilson's disease is a genetic disorder of the thirteenth chromosome. This disease is an inherited disease and it is mostly likely to be in all of the offspring if a parent had it. It is the unnecessary increase of copper in the liver and brain. This is cause by a defect in the transport of copper. Wilson's disease is a rare autosomal recessive disorder of the copper transport resulting in the copper buildup. It is also known as Hepatolenticular Degeneration as the scientific name. This mutation prevents the body from eliminating the extra copper.

The symptoms include quivering in the upper extremities, Slowness of movement and changes in personality. They will be exceptionally argumentative and overly emotional. They will have a Decrease in mental capabilities and Speech disorders. Liver damage will be one of the first things to go wrong and needs mandatory attention. There will be Neurological disturbances like dementia and leading to deterioration of your coordination. Corneal markings occur along with a Rusty brown discoloration at the rims of the corneas. These are major problems that can't be gotten rid of easily. There are very few ways to get rid of the symptoms of Wilson's disease. It is necessary to get at least one liver transplant during their life. Most patients get chelation therapy to remove different amounts of copper. To remove copper penicillamine, zinc salts and/or trientine are used. Galzin is used to get rid of some physical symptoms of the Wilson's disease. It is necessary to take 50MG of Galzine three times a day for it to work properly. Sometimes Zinc Acetate is given to block the absorption of extra copper. It is also necessary for a person with Wilson's disease to have a different diet. They often have a depletion of pyridoxine or B-6 and need supplements of 25MG daily. The food they eat should stay low in copper, at less than 0.1MG per portion. They could probably handle about 0.7MGs a day....
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