The Wifes Story

Topics: Narrative, Thought, Unreliable narrator Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: February 7, 2012
The Wife’s Story Essay Hansel Labastida January 14, 2012 CBI Sr. English, Q1

The story “The Wife’s Story” is about the tale of the werewolf but vice versa, instead of seeing everything from the human’s point of view it shows it in the werewolf’s perspective. The author of this is Ursula K. Le Guin and she did a fantastic job writing this. Its odd how she reversed the typical werewolf story but she makes it quite interesting.

Le Guin shows how a werewolf lives and experiences its life in the werewolf’s point of view and how it grows up with family. At first the story didn’t make sense to me until the ending when I realized that it was in the werewolf’s point of view. The point of doing this is to make more of an interesting story.

The reason why I think she used first person narrator is it gives it a sense that it’s about a person and how it’s having trouble with its curse. Her choice was very effective as it gave me more of an in depth look of how the cursed werewolf was living through its life. Le Guin also used personification in her story like if the werewolf had a house and family.

It affected the way I responded because it was very interesting and made the story suspenseful. It is kind of hard to make up your own voice in your head but with and werewolf story it had to be a little eerie, he would change from a werewolf to human and when others would see his transformation it was very shocking. The growling and howling also added more to the story.

Overall the story was a thriller and interesting, it’s a first that I’ve seen the werewolf’s perspective in a story. It was in so much detail I could basically see the images in my head. The ending however was very different from what I was thinking but it was still good. It was a pretty big twist finding out it...
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