The Way We Dress

Topics: Personality psychology, Individual, Dress Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: December 22, 2010
The Way We Dress
It is an idea greatly recognized that the way we dress says a great deal about who we are. Some would go so far as to say that by analyzing the manner in which others dress, we can effectively pinpoint small personality traits, and proceed to determine the lifestyle and background of others. In our current economically and socially driven society, there are many types of people, therefore creating a plethora of ways to dress. However, in most cases it can be agreed upon that there are two main types of dressers. Both of whom bear striking difference to one another. The first of the two types, or the type A dresser, is the person who dresses for themselves. The type A dresser chooses to adorn themselves using that which they personally find beautiful or interesting. It can be assumed that this person has been raised in a very supportive environment. The type A dresser is in most cases financially stable, but for this person, the way they choose to dress is not about the amount of money spent on their wardrobe. The way this person chooses to dress is entirely based on their own personal style. They are continuously developing this personal style, and will often without warning, change the defining aspects of their clothing entirely. For anyone who puts thought into the way he or she chooses to dress, trends in the industry are very important. Although type A follows these trends, they are always forming new ways to mix individuality with current fashion. This person is continuously showcasing their wild creativity, surreptitiously looking to show others just how daring they can be. They don’t need to follow idiotic rules such as the infamous pairing of the colors brown and black, to feel satisfied. The type A dresser makes up their own set of rules. They strive to become the trend setters, the people we turn to when in need of expert fashion advice, and in the end they will be. The type B dresser is the person who dresses not only for self...
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