Stereotypes of Physical Appearance Especially in

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The aim of this research is to find out if there are stereotypes of physical appearance especially in dressing and to find out what these stereotypes are. In psychology and sociology researches, different types of stereotyping people are found. However, these stereotypes generally depend on race, sex and ethnicity. In this study, existence of stereotyping people according to clothing styles is tried to be proved.

Before this study, a thesis called “Clothing Motives” was done by Ilhan Candas in 1985. In that study, Ilhan Candas studied the motives behind people's selection of different types of clothes. He had a questionnaire which he applied to nearly a hundred people. He used the figures of people which have small differences. He tried to find out the effects of these small differences on people.

However, in the present study different methods are used and it is about the stereotypes of dressing not the motives of clothes. Also in this study the researchers do not study small differences but they focus on different styles of clothes and the prejudices of people toward these different styles.

The hypothesis of the study is that people have some common stereotypes about the way people dress. To prove this claim, two methods are used. These methods are questionnaire and interview.

Questionnaire: (Appendix 1)

Subjects: 25 people who are the students of Bogazici University from different classes. (13 men, 12 women) Preparation: It is prepared according to data that is collected, especially from a thesis that is done by Ilhan Candas in 1985. It is generally adapted from the questionnaire that Ilhan Candas prepared for his research. Content: It contains twenty five questions whose answers were “Yes”, “I have no idea” or “No”. Its questions are about the stereotypes about people's style of dress.

Subjects: 10 people who are the students of Bogazici University from different classes. (5 men, 5 women) Pictures: For the interview 6 photos are selected. Some are taken by the researchers and some are found from the internet resources. There are three girls and three boys who are dressed in three different styles (Formally, sporty and showy). (Appendix 2) Application: Researchers show each photo to the subjects and ask questions about the life-styles, personalities and socioeconomic status of these people. Then for each photo, the answers are noted and analyzed.


Results of the questionnaire:
|  |  |ANSWERS | |  |QUESTİONS |Yes |I have no|No | | | | |idea | | |1 |The way people dress can tell us a lot of things about them. |100% |0% |0% | |2 |People want to look as much like everybody else as possible |40% |28% |32% | |3 |The necktie is a sign of discipline, responsibility and traditionalism |60% |24% |16% | |4 |The people who use accessories are showy |40% |24% |36% | |5 |A fashionable life-style enables females to develop an independent, up-to-date, overall beautiful |52% |20% |28% | | |personality image....
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