The Way of Global Warming Affect Ecosystem

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The way of global warming affect ecosystem

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Greenhouse 3
Rise of CO2& temperature 4
Rise of Sea level4
Acidizing ocean5
Greenhouse 5
Rise of CO2& temperature 6
Rise of Sea level7
Acidizing ocean8
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Information was procured through the use of scholarly and governmental websites and book.

The issue of global warming has never failed to attract people's attention. This report analyses the ways that global warming affect ecosystem with explaining the result of greenhouse and global warming. There are some cases which will be shown with detailed date. Results

Greenhouse effect

Rise of CO2 and temerature

Recent sea level rise

(Robert A. Rohde 2009)

Acidizing ocean

(Kotz, J. C.1998)


Greenhouse and global warming
The short-wave solar radiations easily go through atmosphere have high speed and then most of the energy absorbed by surface of earth. But the earth radiates atmosphere as long-wave heat energy which is difficult to escape to space because of being held by carbon dioxide, vapour and methane. Carbon dioxide accounts for 0.03% of atmosphere over other two gases. As the carbon dioxide increase, the greenhouse effect is enhanced which lead to the average temperature increase and the atmosphere is becoming warmer and warmer. The Earth will warm another 1.1 to 6°F this century because the carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels and excess deforestation. The most pronounced effects of increasing temperature has been melting of masses of ice around the world and expanding of water. During the 20th century, sea level rose about 15-20 centimeters (roughly 1.5 to 2.0 mm/year). At same time the pH of ocean is decreasing because of increasing the amount of carbon dioxide. The carbon easily dissolves into water when the temperature rises. It means the ocean is being acidized.

There three factors, increasing temperature, rising sea level and acidizing ocean, are changing the nature environment . The habitats of animals and plants are losing or disappearing because of the change of his living condition. They need migrate to find new places and try to adapt for it. This process causes the species endanger and even die out. So we deem the global warming could break the balance of ecosystem.

Rise of temperature
Arctic ice cover is the polar bear's feeding habitat, but it is melting due to temperature increasing. As ice cover disappears gradually, bear deaths increase. May 14, 2008, Polar bears were added to the threatened species list because of global warming. The U.S. Geological Survey reported that the two-thirds of the polar bear could lose after because of global warming. On other side, temperature is an important factor for spreading of species. There is a survey reporting that species are migrating as the temperature rises. The ranges of many plants and animals are moving toward the poles and toward higher elevations. Red Orbit reports on research published in the journal Science, deeming that as global warming, the ranges of many plants and animals are moving toward the poles and toward higher elevations with a rate of about 1 mile per year. As the Associated Press writes, they are "fleeing global warming." If all the species move to poles and the top of mountain, where do they move next? The answer is “die out”.

Rise of sea level
There are some little islands and suitable seaside habitat being coved by sea due to rising sea level. The birds of long-distance moving are more vulnerable to the rising of sea level than other species. As the season changes, a lot of birds migrate to others suite places every year. Some little islands and reefs are important transitional...
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