The War to Save a Nation

Topics: Afghanistan, International Security Assistance Force, Operation Enduring Freedom Pages: 5 (1798 words) Published: December 4, 2013

The War to Save a Nation
Should we interfere in countries that are in civil war or in need of help, or should we as a nation be more concerned about our own issues on the other hand? There are many different viewpoints on whether we should be in Afghanistan or Iraq; both sides of the argument have valid points supported by facts and strong beliefs. I, for one, strongly believe that there should be a continued presence in those countries. I believe it is morally wrong to turn one’s back and pretend nothing is happening. The war in Afghanistan over the past 12 years has come at a great cost in means of money and lives, although the benefits coming from this war are justified in my eyes. In this paper I will go over how the lives being sacrificed have been for a cause that is improving the lives of Afghans, keeping our nation safe from terrorist attacks, why there is a need for justice to be served, how the lives being lost are for a greater good, how the money being spent will lead to a better future for Afghanistan, how Democracy can be achieved, and how terrorism needs to be addressed as a regional issue. For there to be a desirable and meaningful achievement of the goals that we have placed on this war there is need for a continued presence in Afghanistan.

Washington provided Afghanistan with 51.8 billion dollars between 2001 and 2010, about 56% of this money was spent on equipping, training Afghan forces while the other portion was spent on humanitarian, economic, governance and counter-narcotic programs. (Wahabuddin) With the money provided by the U.S. the Afghan population has greatly increased in these areas over the past decade, which is what we as a nation have been striving for so that we may bring this war to an end. The lives being sacrificed in this war with rising casualties has come at a great cost, but is leading to the Afghan nation to become a more stable country. In the article “Justifying sacrifice: Barack Obama and the selling and ending of the war in Afghanistan” Trevor McCrisken goes on to say In order to ‘sell’ the renewed effort to bring the Afghanistan campaign to ‘a successful conclusion’, Obama has drawn heavily on the idea of ‘sacrifice’ by emphasizing in his rhetorical defence of the commitment of further US troops that the protection of the United States and its interests against further terrorist attacks compels America to bear the burden of sacrifice that continuing the war entails. (McCrisken 1) With that said the author shows that the war Afghanistan and the sacrifices made are necessary for us to bear to ensure our safety. Barack Obama used his Inaugural address to call all Americans and clarify the need for sacrifice and the reminder of the sacrifices made in the history of our nation, and the need for our nation to bear those sacrifices again in order to create a better life for our nation and the Afghan public (McCrisken 2) Our safety as a nation is not the only at risk and to ensure future safety for the Afghan public sacrifices need to be made. With the ongoing war in Afghanistan the lives being lost on both sides are reaching heights that we as a nation never hoped for, but is needed to keep our country safe and to better the lives of Afghans and rebuild the country so that it may thrive.

The number of deaths of Coalition forces and Afghan civilians has exceeded the justification of sacrifice, but when it is the terrorist groups that are responsible for the majority of civilian deaths. The Taliban need to answer for their crimes and be held accountable for their actions. Between 2007 and 2010 Taliban accounted for 5,570 civilian casualties in Afghanistan. (Just War Index) The number of deaths caused by Taliban need to be answered, and the continued presence of a Coalition force is what is needed to exact justice on those who prey on the weak. The average life expectancy in Afghanistan in 2004 was 42, and the more devastating fact was that 25% of children did not make it to the...
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