The War on Drugs

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The War on Drug

Outline for Junior Research Paper on Controversial Issue

Title: The War on Drugs. Should the U.S end the war on drugs? NO

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference- robert frost The war on drugs is a prohibition campaign to reduce drug trade Drugs control the lifestyle of society, mostly the lower class. (How does it impact our society?)

Opposing position: We should stop the war on drugs
The war on drugs has increased crime throughout the nation
Many would argue that ending the war on drugs would reduce crime and violence. Reduce jail overpopulation, reduce national debt, cripple DTO’s The most effective way to treat the drug war is through therapy education (Hornberger 1) Less money would be needed to hire law enforcement and also less tax money would be used to keep people in jail. ( Gaver 1) The government can regulate the price of the drugs like tobacco and alcohol. (Kerlikowske 1) Elaborate/Analysis and summary of perspective A:

To summarize, ending the war on drugs will reduce crime and violence in the streets and in neighboring countries. Your Thesis: Three “big ideas” explaining why your position is better. Although ending the war on drugs might seem like the best option, it is in the best interest of the country to pursue this war because it will reduce the power among DTO’s and diminish the flow of drugs into the U.S, decrease drug related crime and prevent drug abuse. Your Argument: Main Point #1 (Strong Point)

It will reduce the power among DTO’s and diminish the flow of drugs into the U.S The war on drugs shall continue in order to reduce drug flow and capture leaders of powerful DTO’s in Mexico and neighboring countries. Mexican drug cartels smuggle in most of the drugs that enter the U.S (Constantine 86) Mexican cartels have become as large and powerful as the Colombia cartels such as the Cali, and Medellin cartels. Smugglers have created new methods methods to smuggle people, guns, money and drugs across the U.S mexican border. (Bucella 2) Around , 5000 kg of drugs are confiscated daily.

There is a growing concern of mexican drug trafficking expanding more into U.S street gangs. The mexican Mafia and Barrio Aztecas are gangs that are affiliated with Drug Trafficking Organizations. This means that if not properly attacked and suppressed then these organizations can get out of hand and traffic more drugs and become a main supply for more street gangs increasing the distribution of illegal substances in the U.S. Closing Sentence for Main Point #1

If we allow for drugs to continue to flow it will lead to the perdition of teenagers and basically anyone who can get access of these drugs.

Your Argument: Main Point #2 (Stronger Point)
Decrease drug related crime
Crime associated with the traffic of drugs involves the corruption of officials and many fatalities caused by cartels battling over territory and power.

No Mexican agency is fully trusted by the DEA because mexican enforcement is notorious for being corrupt. Trust is important for Agencies to share with each other for the capture of leaders and enforce drug laws successfully. Political officials are vulnerable and involved in the narcotics corruption. There are times where officials allow traffickers to to run their operations freely where they control the area. This means that organized crime depends on the corruption of officials and I is unlikely to stop the flow of drugs until full cooperation with enforcement in mexico is reached.
 Your Argument: Main Point #3 (Strongest Point)

Prevent drug abuse
Ultimately, we need to decrease ignorance among society and the best way to fight the flow of drugs is reducing the demand of the drugs. By educating the public we can prevent or decrease the future use of drugs by incresing funding on anti drug programs targeting teens and kids without the necesity to legalize drugs and then...

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