The Mexican President Felipe Calderon's War on Drugs

Pages: 4 (999 words) Published: February 14, 2012
Name: Kevin Whitten
Topic: Mexico's War on Drugs
Purpose: Inform
Organizational Plan: Topical


Attention Getter: A bloody war has been raging on in North America for the last four years which has resulted in over 34,500 deaths as of December 2010, which was by far one of the most violent years so far with over 15,000 people killed.

Speaker Purpose: Having been stationed in Fort Hood Texas for three years I often visited Mexico and being an addict in recovery, in some small way recovery I feel responsible for the violence that is now consuming Mexico.

Audience Purpose: Some of you in the audience may also be recovering addicts or know someone who is struggling with drug addiction. America is a nation full of addicts to be blunt! 90% of all cocaine that enters the United States is smuggled through our southern border by the Mexican drug cartels. Those same cartels are responsible for 80% of the methamphetamine manufacturing here in the United States as well as Mexico. Addiction has been an increasing problem for Americans for many years now.

Thesis: The Mexican president Felipe Calderón’s war on drugs has seen some progress, but it has come at a heavy price to the people who live there and the neighboring countries.

Development Plan: First I like to inform you about the violence that has left the Mexican government struggling against the Mexican drug cartels, for control of several regions in Mexico and why Mexican officials have been unable to restore peace to their country. Secondly, as this war on drugs rages out of control it has begun to affect more than just Mexico and I'd like to tell you what our government and the Mexican government are doing to combat the ongoing violence.



I. In December of 2006, Mexico's new President Felipe Calderon declared war on the drug cartels, and made attempts to put an end to the corruption that had plagued Mexico's police force, however, to date, both of these...
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